Advanced Training 

If you are looking to receive additional and advanced training for your dog, we are able to provide it. Our Advanced Training Program places a large focus on training your dog to be well behaved in public.

Should any individual receive a letter or script from his or her doctor for an Emotional Support Animal, then that animal may be allowed into “No Pets Allowed” housing developments and onto airplanes. Our Advanced Training Program will not grant your dog further Public Access, but rather showcase a well-behaved dog in a public environment. This is also beneficial for a pet owner if the individual is seeking the opportunity for his or her dog to become a Therapy Dog. Again, our Advanced Training may provide credentials or show your dog’s skills to a business owner who might be looking for a Therapy dog to work with Guests or Clients.

Our Advanced Training Program is not intended to grant your dog additional Public Access. Public Access is further granted by your dog being further trained to perform Tasks associated with Service Dog Training. We do offer Service Dog Training and encourage you to enroll in the Service Dog Program if you need your dog to perform tasks pertaining to your disability.

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Payment is due in full at the time when you arrive for your first lesson or drop your dog off to stay with us for the training program. We do not currently offer financing options. You must provide proof of current vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. It is also recommended that your furry friend be at a minimum 4 months of age.


CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Camp

Put your dog’s Basic Obedience to the test. Allow our professional trainers five more days to perfect your dog’s skills and arrive back at our place to take the exam. Pass the exam and your pup can have credentials stating that he or she is an AKC (American Kennel Club) Canine Good Citizen.

  • Prerequisite 4 Week Board & Train or equal.
  • Pet Parent is required to complete the test as the Dog Handler.
  • Completion may allow for more advanced training.


CGCA (Advanced Canine Good Citizen) School

Advance your dog’s CGC certification by earning the AKC Community Canine Title. Your dog is already a Good Citizen, but we put his or her behavior to the test to see if he/she possess the proper real-world skills. After only five additional days, our trainers will meet you in a natural setting within the community to take the Exam. Achieve a successful completion, receive the certification and be proud when your dog demonstrates this behavior within our community.

  • Prerequisite CGC Certification
  • Pet Parent is required to complete the test as the Dog Handler.
  • 1 Free, In-Facility Follow-Up Consultation/Exam.
  • Completion may allow for more advanced training.


CGCU (AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen) School

Leaving the Ranch and heading off to the Big City? Your pooch needs to know how to act in public. This course will provide you and your pup with the confidence necessary to navigate crowds and public areas. After two weeks of additional training, this test will be administered by our professional trainers and in an Urban Environment. Achieving success on this exam will provide credentials indicating acceptable public access behavior.

  • Prerequisite CGC Certification
  • Pet Parent is required to complete the test as the Dog Handler.
  • 1 Free, In-Facility Follow-up Consultation/Exam.
  • Elkhounds recommended standard for those with an Emotional Support or Therapy Script or Letter.
  • Completion may allow for transition into our Service Dog Academy.


Passing the Urban CGC test or Canine Good Citizen test does not make a dog a service dog or emotional support dog. A key distinction of service or emotional support dogs is that the owner/handler has a disability. It is unethical to misrepresent a pet dog as a service or emotional support animal.